Thanks for visiting my blog – it’s all to do with issues around labelling books for boys or girls, and I really want to hear your views! So for some background, I’m currently studying for my MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, and this summer I’m researching how and why children’s books have been/are marketed specifically towards one gender or the other. This is all for my dissertation, which has been largely inspired by the Let Books Be Books campaign. I’ll be using this blog to record my research progress, and would love to hear your opinions and feedback!

So please have a click around, answer some polls and comment on anything that interests you! If there is something that you are interested in that I’ve not explored yet then leave a comment about that. All views will be equally valued so please do let me know what you think. Anecdotes, experiences or just casual ponderings are all fantastic – don’t be shy!

Thank you, thank you X