Thanks for visiting my blog – it’s all to do with issues around labelling books for boys or girls, and I really want to hear your views! So for some background, I’m currently studying for my MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, and this summer I’m researching how and why children’s books have been/are marketed specifically towards one gender or the other. This is all for my dissertation, which has been largely inspired by the Let Books Be Books campaign. I’ll be using this blog to record my research progress, and would love to hear your opinions and feedback!

So please have a click around, answer some polls and comment on anything that interests you! If there is something that you are interested in that I’ve not explored yet then leave a comment about that. All views will be equally valued so please do let me know what you think. Anecdotes, experiences or just casual ponderings are all fantastic – don’t be shy!

Thank you, thank you X


3 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. I can not imagine a home with out books and one of the very first things I purchased for my unborn grandchild was a book!
    For the very young the books available are far less gender specific and more likely to be designed to withstand robust handling as in board books and to attract the baby’s attention with black and white colour schemes as well as bold brightly coloured pictures of the immediate world around them.
    May be years ago books were less gender specific when you consider old favourites such a s the Tiger who came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat for example. The Famous Five appealed to a generation of children boys and girls alike.
    I believe that however liberal society is now in many aspects books have evolved in to gender specifics. However better to read one of them than not at all.
    May be having come from a generation where books were less gender specific and maybe far less abundant that I read anything that was available I have grown up to appeciate a great Jeffery Archer, Linwood Barclay, Peter James and Val Mcdermid to name but a few as well as Lesley Pearce, Maureen Lee and so on.


  2. Books definitely enrich a child’s Mind growing into an adult who loves books too.
    I think books used to be published for boys or girls but they are definitely more gender fixed now days.
    I used to love Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair and Beutrix Potter’s The Pie and The Patty Pan fantastic.
    Books have moved on in a sense for babies, the board books which are nice and chunky for little hands with black and white pictures and with patterns
    which babies find fascinating, or photos on white background such as Dorland Kingsley books.
    Gender doesn’t appear until a few years later, I think this is an adults perception
    and influence and also there is so much choice now days.
    However once a child begins to be encouraged to read more rather than just look at the pictures they do tend to move towards gender books boys definately prefer less wordy books with more pictures for longer once they mature then they seem to catch up.
    They seem to enjoy rude funny books about poo or pants etc but then girls do too think they have the same sense of humour at a young age anyway.
    I think gender books will appeal to all at some time and some will swing more to one than another whether boy or girl.


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